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Hockey Goalie Moms Here’s a tribute to all the awesome hockey Moms out there, especially the hockey goalie Moms! They are always behind you no matter what – and quite often, literally behind you making every save right along with you! Not that they... read more

About Me


Rick is a Father of two hockey goalies. He has coached for 5 years and spends far too much time in hockey arenas. His experiences on the bench as a coach and in the stands as a parent have fueled his desire to find a solution the age old problem of parents fighting, arguing, chirping and coaching from the stands. This horrible tradition has been passed from generation to generation and it’s only getting worse. To help draw attention to the matter and hopefully find some realistic solutions, he is currently writing the book “Puckheads: The Hockey Parent Hall of Shame” which he hopes will inspire a self-policing model so that arenas can be a positive experience instead of the tension-filled temples of doom and gloom that they currently are.

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